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Siglent SHS820 Handheld Oscilloscope (Dual-Channel, 200MHz Bandwidth)

Ditambahkan pada : November 1st, 2016
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Siglent SHS820 Handheld Oscilloscope (Dual-Channel, 200MHz Bandwidth)

  • 200MHz bandwidth
  • Dual-channel
  • Built-in multimeter



Siglent SHS820 2-Channel Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 100 MHz) Details

Siglent’s SHS810 range is not only used for accurately tracking waveforms across single or dual-channels – this device is also a high precision multimeter and can be also used as a recorder.

All of this is housed in a portable unit that is designed to be carried around and taken directly to the application that needs to be tested. The SHS810 is mainly used in indoor applications such as education, circuit design and others, but is also perfectly suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Results taken by the SHS810 are displayed on the device’s large full-colour display, and this features both the ability to display dual-channel waveforms when using the device as an oscilloscope and also includes a 6000 count display for multimeter functions.

Oscilloscope measurements taken with the SHS810 have bandwidth of up to 100MHz, rise time of ≤3.5ns, real time sampling rate of 1GSa/s (single channel) and 500MSa/s (dual-channel) and overall memory depth of 2Mpts. The device also features multiple trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative.

The multimeter built into this unit is high precision and is able to measure DC voltage between 60mV-1000V, AC voltage from 60mV-750V, DC current from 60mV-10A, AC current from 60mV to 10A and it also able to measure capacitance, resistance and diode. All results are gained with high accuracy, and it includes a recorder and Trendplot with manual/auto measuring modes.

The SHS810 is fully rechargeable for use out in the field.


Siglent SHS820 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Key Features

  • 200MHz bandwidth
  • Real time sampling rate of 1GSa/s
  • Equivalent sampling rate of 50GSa/s
  • Memory depth of 2Mpts
  • Built in data-recorder with 7m internal storage and up to 18 hours recording time
  • USB port allows up to 3000 hours recording time
  • Record, replay and zoom on measurements
  • Built-in high precision multimeter measures DC/AC Voltage, DC/AC Current, resistance, diode, capacitance and continuity
  • 6000 count display for multimeter
  • Includes 32 measurement TrendPlot analyser with scope of 800k points capacity (more than 24 hours recording time
  • Dual or single channel waveform measurements
  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of different applications
  • 5.7 inch TFT colour LCD display
  • Trigger Modes: Automatic, Normal and Simple
  • Trigger Types: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative
  • 32 automatic measurements and 3 cursor measure modes
  • 4 digital filter mode: low pass, high pass, band pass and band limit
  • Multiple language user interface
  • USB device and USB host built-in
  • Rechargeable battery pack


Full List of Products Included

  • Siglent SHS820 Handheld Oscilloscope
  • 9V, 4A Power Adapter
  • Two 1X/10X Oscilloscope Probes
  • Two Test Leads for Multimeter
  • Probe Calibration Accessory
  • USB Data Transmitting Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Easyscope Software (Used for PC control)


Technical Specification

Type SHS806 SHS810 SHS815 SHS820
Bandwidth 60MHz 100MHz 150MHz 200MHz
Rise Time ≤5.8ns ≤3.5ns ≤2.3ns ≤1.7ns
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, 18pf±3pf
Real Time Sampling Rate Single Channel: 1GSa/s,
Double Channels: 500MSa/s
Equivalent Sampling Rate 50GSa/s
Memory Depth 2Mpts 32Kpts
Time Base Range 5 ns/ div – 50s/ div 2.5 ns/ div – 50s/ div
Scan Range 100ms/ div ~ 50s/ div
Vertical Sensitivity 2mV/div – 100V/div(1-2-5 step)
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Trigger Types Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative
Frequency Counter 6 bits
Connection USB Device, USB Host
Math +, -, * , /, FFT
Oscilloscope Trend Plot 800K points


Multimeter Specification
Display  6000
Item Range Accuracy
DC Voltage  60mV – 1000V  ±1%±15digit
AC Voltage  60mV –750V  ±1%±15digit
DC Current  60mV -10A  ±1%±5digit
AC Current  60mV -10A  ±1%±5digit
Capacitance  40.00nF  ±3%±10digit
 400.0nF-400.0uF  ±4%±5digit
Resistance  600Ω – 60MΩ  ±1%±5digit
Continuity buzzer  <50Ω
Diode  0V~2.0V
Trend plot 1.2M points
Recorder 7M pionts
Measuring mode Manual/Auto
General Features
Display 5.7 inches color TFT-LCD, 320*234
Power Supply Charging/Battery
Power mode Lithium battery: 7.4V 5000mAh, Battery lasts 5 hours; DC adapter, 100-240V 50/60Hz input, 9V 4A output
Weight 1.5Kg
Dimension 163.2mm×259.5mm×53.3mm


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