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Aditeg ADA-2016 Analog Digital Training System

Ditambahkan pada : October 30th, 2016
Rp 6.960.000
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Kategori : Electrical Tester
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Aditeg ADA-2016 Analog Digital Training System


Digital Training System
Solderless Breadboard Interconnected with 2820 tie points nickel plated contact,fitted all DIP sizes and all components with lead and solid wire AWG # 22-30 (0.3-0.8mm).It can be changed and replaced for different purpose and can be connected with demonstration panel. Therefore, it is very convenient for both teachers and students.
DC Power Supply
Fixed DC Output +5V, 1A
Fixed DC Output -5V, 1A
Variable DC Output 0V to +15V, 1A
Variable DC Output 0V to 15V, 1A
Potention Meters
A. Variable resistor VR1 1kΩ
B. Variable resistor VR2 100kΩ
Function Generator
Frequency Range 1Hz – 10Hz

10Hz – 100Hz

100Hz – 1kHz

1kHz – 10kHz

10kHz – 100kHz

Amplitude Sine wave output 010 Vpp variable

Triangle wave output 010 Vpp variable

Square wave output 010 Vpp variable

TTL mode output 4 Vpp

Two Digits Of 7 Segment LED Display 2pcs push buttons contain switches debouncer for

eliminating the bounce caused by switch from open to close or from close to open position.

Two Pulse Switch 16pcs toggle switches and corresponding output point.

When switch is set at downposition,the output is

LO level; contrarily, it is to be HI level while setting at up position

Speaker 2 ½  inch diameter, 8 ohm/0.5W to be used for load
Four Channel Adaptor Both of the two banana socket and two BNC jacks point tips are changeable. It is suitable for M21-7000 to be connected with peripherals
Sixteen Bits LED Display 16 red LED’s separate input terminals. The LED will be lighted up when input is at HI level ,and it will be turned off when it is at no input or at LO level



Universal Connector Fixed Holder



It reserves universal connector fixed holder on the panel

in order to be connected with various universal connectors,

which are available

1. Straight header 60 pin
2. Card edge connector 2.54mm 62pin
3. D sub25 pin connector, male & female
4. Card edge connector 3.96mm 56pin
5. Dip sockets connector 28 pin & 40 pin

Other Standard Accessories

1. Power Cord
2. Pin 10 pcs
3. User Manual
Dimensions & Weight 258 x 95 x 334mm(WxHxD) & Approx 4.5kg


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