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Psiber PingerPro 71 Cable and Connectivity Tester

Ditambahkan pada : July 26th, 2016
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Kategori : Fiber Optic Test Equipment
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The Psiber PRO71 PingerPro Cable and Network Management Tool brings a new level of connectivity testing with: fault location, Gigabit Ethernet capability, advanced IPv6 support, Logical Link Data Protocol (LLDP/CDP), PoE Detection and a powerful feature set that you will use every day. As a result, the Psiber PRO71 PingerPro is the complete high performance first-response-tool, designed to solve your most frequent network problems. Installing new network drops or devices, monitoring performance or troubleshooting problems, the Psiber PRO71 PingerPro quickly provides answers you need.The Psiber PRO71 PingerPro color touch panel interface lets you select a configurable Auto Test that provides critical Link information, conducts network connectivity tests, including Ping and Trace Route, and provides switch port information along with PoE detection in seconds. Tests are based on user configurable profiles which can be stored in advance and selected for different job sites or requirements. All results can be saved internally and exported to the PingerPro Tools application for archiving and report generation.The Psiber Data PingerPro 71 has a 2.8″ diagonal LCD touchscreen to display navigation and test results. It can store up to 1,000 test results for review. It comes with PingerPro Tools Applications software for storing, analyzing, and reporting test results.

Detect Speed and Duplex of 10/100/1000 baseTX Links and verify IP Address Assignment with the DHCP Client Test
Detect PoE and Test Connectivity Across a LAN/WAN by Transmitting/ Receiving Pings and Measure Packet Response Time to Determine Network Performance
Ping Individual IPv4, IPv6 Addresses, Subnet Range or Websites and Trace the Route Taken by Packets Across a Network
Display LLDP/CDP Info of Nearest Switch and Capture/Clone the MAC Address of an IP Address to Troubleshoot Network Devices
Measure Cable Length and Test for Opens, Shorts, Reversed/Split Pairs; Port Identification Function to Locate Connected Port; Transmit Tone Signal to Trace Cable Location with CT15 Tone Probe (separate purchase)

What’s in the Box:

(1) Terminator
(1) AC power adapter
(1) RJ-45 patch cable
(1) USB cable
(1) Stylus
(1) Case
(1) Strap with two buckles
(1) Instructions.

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