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ATTEN AT-7340 Analog Oscilloscope

Ditambahkan pada : November 1st, 2016
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Kategori : Electrical Tester
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ATTEN AT-7340 Analog Oscilloscope


  • CRT with Bright and high accelerated pole voltage This oscilloscope tube is high speed and high luminosity.
  • The alternative triggering function can observe different signal waveform in two frequencies.
  • TV signal synchronous function built in
  • CH1 output 50 output signal in the rear panel can drive frequency counters directly or other instruments.
  • Z-axial input Function of bright adjustable can add frequency or time marker to oscilloscope, trace of positive signal blanking, TTL matching
  • X-Y operation This item can be used as an X-Y oscilloscope while setting in X-Y position, CH1 is horizontal axial and CH2 is vertical axial.


Vertical Axis

  • Sensitivity 5mV~5V/DIV, 10 steps in 1-2-5 sequence (X5 MAG: 1mV/DIV)
  • Sensitivity accuracy ≤3% (×5MAG: ≤5%)
  • Vernier vertical sensitivity continuously variable to 1/2.5 or less of panel-indicated value
  • Frequency bandwidth DC-20MHz (×5MAG:DC-7MHz)  / DC-40MHz (×5MAG:DC-15MHz)
  • AC coupling Low limit frequency 10Hz. (With reference to 100KHz, 8DIV.Frequency response with-3dB)
  • Rise time Approx.17.5Ns (×5MAG:Approx.50Ns) / 9.5nS (X5MAG: Approx.25nS)
  • Input impedance Approx. 1M ohm//Approx. 25pF
  • Square wave characteristics Overshoot: ≤5%(At 10Mv/DIV range) other distortions and other ranges: 5% added to the above value
  • DC balance shift: 5mV~5V/DIV; ±0.5 DIV, 1mV~2mV/DIV±2.0DIV
  • Linearity: ±0.1DIV of amplitude change when waveform of 2 DIV at graticule center is moved vertically.
  • Vertical modes CH1 single channel. /  CH2 single channel
  • DUAL  CH1 and CH2 are displayed ALT or CHOP selectable at any sweep rate.
  • ADD CH1+CH2 algebraic addition
  • Chopping repetition frequency Approx.250KHz
  • Input coupling AC, GND , DC


Maximum Input Voltage

  • 300V peak (AC: frequency 1KHz or lower) When set probe switch at 1:1, the maximum effective readout is 40Vp p (14Vrms at sine wave); or set probe switch at 10:1, the maximum effective readout is 400Vpp (140Vrms at sine wave)


Horizontal Axis

  • Sweep time 0.2ìSec-0.5Sec/DIV, 20Steps in 1-2-5sequence
  • Sweep time accuracy ±3%
  • Vernier sweep time control ≤1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
  • Sweep magnification 10 times
  • ×10MAG sweep time accuracy ±5%(20nsec-50nsec are uncalibrated)
  • Linearity ±3%,×10MAG: ±5%(20ns and 50ns are uncalibrated)
  • Position shift caused by×10MAG Within 2 DIV, at CRT screen center


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