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GPS Geodetic Geo Fennel FGS 1 GNSS Receiver

Ditambahkan pada : May 31st, 2016
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Detail Produk GPS Geodetic Geo Fennel FGS 1 GNSS Receiver


Description :

Geo Fennel FGS 1 GNSS Receiver Unique GPS Set for multipurpose applications

The geo-FENNEL FGS 1 is a robust receiver designed for challenging environments integrated into a compact device that is lightweight and highly portable.

The FGS 1 can track all current working GNSS constellations. By using a unique algorithm it can operate in RTK mode combining all GNSS constellation signals or by using a single GNSS constellation signal such as GLONASS or BeiDou. The strong anti-interference ability of the receiver makes it possible to work in any environment. The FGS 1 integrates a cutting edge GNSS board, Bluetooth®, optional UHF (Rx & Tx) into a compact system. The smart design positions the FGS 1 among the lightest and most compact receivers currently available. The system is open to third party applications and supported by MicroSurvey FieldGenius and Carlson Surv-CE field applications.


  • High speed processing
  • Support for both post-processing and kinematic
  • Processing ability separate or to be combined with GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou
  • Supports downloads & use of precise ephemeris
  • Generation of various reports
  • User friendly

Technical data

Signal Tracking
256 channels with simultaneously tracked satellite signals:
  – GPS L1 C/A, L1/L2P, L5
  – BeiDou B1, B2, B3
  – Galileo Yes, but not activated
Performance Specifications
Cold start <50s
Warm start <30s
Initialization time typically <10s
Initialization reliability typically >99,9%
Signal reacquisition <2s
Positioning Specifications
Post processing static
  – horizontal 2,5 mm + 0,5 ppm RMS
  – vertical 5,0 mm + 0,5 ppm RMS
Real time kinematic
  – horizontal 10 mm + 0,5 ppm RMS
  – vertical 20 mm + 0,5 ppm RMS
E-RTK (<100 km)
  – horizontal 0,20 m + 1 ppm RMS
  – vertical 0,40 m + 1 ppm RMS
Code differential GNSS positioning
  – horizontal 0,25 m + 1 ppm RMS
  – vertical 0,50 m + 1 ppm RMS
SBAS typically <1 m 3D RMS
Stand-Alone <1,5 m RMS
1 Serial port (7 Pin Lemo), Baud rates up to 921 600 bps
Radio modem (optional) Tx/Rx with full frequency rang from 410 – 470 MHz
  – transmit power 0.5 – 2W adjustable
Positioning update rate 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz
5 LED Indicating lights Power, satellite tracking, differential data and data recording
Bluetooth®; V 2.X protocol, work compatible with Windows 7®, Windows mobile® and Android®
Data Format
Data inputs / outputs
  – Correction data I/O RTCM 2.x, 3.x, CMR & CMR+ (GPS only)
Position data outputs
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