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Digital Planimeter Tamaya Planix 7

Ditambahkan pada : May 27th, 2016
Rp 15.600.000
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Dilihat : 410 kali
Kategori : Survey Tools
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Detail Produk Digital Planimeter Tamaya Planix 7

Digital Planimeter Tamaya Planix 7

Tamaya Planix 7

Description :

The Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter is a versatile measuring tool for finding the area of regular and irregular shapes on 2-dimensional maps, plans, and drawings.  It measures elongated shapes, lines and circular areas, removing the need for grids, charts, or calculators.  The measuring accuracy is better than +/-0.2 percent, so its results are precise and reliable. It features a numeric keypad and all results are instantly displayed on the clear LCD screen while you measure.  This is the perfect tool for architects, medical professionals, surveyors, designers, forestry, engineers, and anyone that measures objects on maps, plans, or drawings.

The Planix 7 digital planimeter measures objects of any shape.  Simply enter the scale of the diagram, and then trace the outline of the entire shape in a clockwise direction using the magnifying lens.  The device calculates as you trace the object, up to 10 feet x 1 foot for horizontal/vertical.  All results are accurate to more than +/-0.2 percent, can be displayed in U.S. or metric square units and are great for measuring oddly shaped swimming pools, natural bodies of water, x-rays, plots of land, and any other diagram.


  • Digital roller type planimeter
  • 8-digit LCD display with zero suppression
  • Accuracy better than +/-0.2 percent
  • Displays square units of centimeters, meters, inches, feet, or acres
  • Measures to scale
  • Allows input of X and Y scale factors
  • Magnifying lens
  • Measures straight, elongated, irregularly shaped, and circular areas
  • Converts between U.S. and metric
  • Measures in square centimeters or square inches
  • Accumulative measurements
  • Display hold and average features
  • Quick zero reset
  • Measuring range is 1 foot (300mm) vertical X 10 feet (3m) horizontal
  • Cordless operation
  • Up to 30 hours of continuous use on a full charge
  • Full charge time is approximately 15 hours
  • Auto shut-off after 3 minutes of non-use to save power


  • Power:  Internal NiCd or AC adaptor
  • Operating hour:  After 15 hours recharge : 30 hours
  • Display method:  SCALE, m2, km2, ft2, acre
  • Resolution:  One digit corresponds to 0.1cm2 or 0.01 in.2
  • Accuracy:  Better than +/- 0.2% (+/- 2/1000 pulses)
  • Display capacity:  8 digits output/input, HOLD, MEMO, BATT E, READY, cm2, in2
  • Measuring range:  300cm x 30cm (118″ x 11.8″)
  • Weight: Approx.650g
  • Dimension: (Polar arm length):  150 x 240 x 39mm; Carrying case:  183 x 260 x 64 mm

What’s in the Box:

  • (1) Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter 365170
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) NiCad rechargeable battery
  • (1) AC adapter/charge
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